Your own zero waste store – the online course

One question I get asked without fail at the end of every interview, coffee or entrepreneur meet-up is “Would you do it again?” The answer is always yes, a thousand times over.

It’s hard work, physically demanding and full of risks, but it’s so satisfying to be my own boss and to be doing something good at the same time. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Many people feel the way I do. They want to shop waste-free, live a more sustainable lifestyle and work independently. We’ve helped many of these people by passing on our own knowledge in our seminars. Now we’re doing it again – with an online course.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • the necessary know-how for opening your own packaging-free shop

  • valuable tips on financing, planning the shop launch and marketing

  • information on researching and choosing suppliers and manufacturers

  • an honest insight into both the advantages and challenges of running your own shop

  • a wide range of materials, such as a business plan template & an example financial plan

Course registrations are now open. Click here to register.  

Feel free to email us your thoughts and questions at

We hope we’ll also get you excited about packaging-free buying & selling and that we can help you come a step closer to your dream of opening your own shop.

All the best,